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StoryTellers:A New Summer Series
Everyone has a story. Come experience the testimonies of teens at CHILL this summer! It'll be a life changing experience!

E.N.D. IT!, or “Everybody’s Not Doing It!” is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization created to prevent at-risk behaviors in Pre-teen and Teen youth. To help reduce unsupervised time, E.N.D. IT! offers gender specific Summer Camp and After School programs for Pre-Teen and Teen youth. We are dedicated to creating a culture of Pre-teen and Teen youth that live boldly according to their Faith, and have fun doing it! We are purposed to equip youth to not only defy negative peer pressure, but to be a confident testimony in dispelling the myth that ‘Everybody’s Doing It’. Christian principles are the foundation of this organization, and we will use all of the following tools as methods to equip our youth: 
Stirring Bible Studies
Appealing Media Alternatives
Trend Setting and Modest Fashions
HEE SUN LEE Performing At Flavor Fest 2012
Testimonials. . . .
"Before E.N.D.IT I had nothing to do with my time, well nothing effective.  I used to just stay on the phone, or in front of the computer, or watch TV non-stop. But being apart of this group gave me better things to do something that was not only fun but most of the time it helped someone else.  E.N.D. IT has also brought me closer to God.  Now I read the Bible more and can understand it."
2012 Summer Camp Participant
"I learned not to follow the crowd, but to follow God"
2011 Summer Camp Participant
"Before END IT I felt alone.  I didn’t have many friends, I couldn’t trust anyone, and I didn’t like myself very much.  When I started END IT I was welcome with open arms.  I made friends who are now people I can call Family.  I learned to trust and love a group of people you don’t find everywhere in this world."
2012 Summer Camp Participant

"I learned that I don't have to change myself to blend in with everybody else"
2011 Summer Camp Participant
"I have a 13 year old that I had no idea what to do with her this summer.  As far as keeping her safe and around positive people when I’m working.  It’s nothing better than having a peace of mind.  Knowing that your child is in good hands doing positive things with positive people.  The E.N.D IT program has provided that for me and my child.  And for that I will like to thank you all for supporting this program"
Parent of 2012 Summer Camp Participant

"I was going down the wrong path for a while now, not looking back or thinking twice about it.  God placed E.N.D. I.T. in my life at the perfect time.."
2012 Summer Camp Participant
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